lunes, 29 de octubre de 2007

The conflict in the Middle East.

By: Roy Jiménez Oreamuno.

One of the most sensitive areas of the world where global powers, regional powers, are disputing control and management of the area rich in oil resources.

There are three aspects which unlike the Middle East, from other parts of the world, the first, its large oil reserves, the second conflict the Arab / Israeli, and the third, religious fundamentalism.

Since the time of Athens and Sparta, statesmen have understood that power means economic and military strength. But today, many international issues offered resistance to a solution based on the classical methods. With the increasing complexity of international politics, seems to impair the powers to achieve its ends.

So, ¿how can one measure the power in a rapidly changing world?

With a length almost like Rodhe Island, Kuwait maintains twenty-five per cent of the oil reserves in the world, along with Iraq, is estimated to reach at least forty per cent of the total oil reserves, which moves the economy of the West .

The invasion of Kuwait, was the reason of the first Persian Gulf war by President George Bush senior. Throughout history, the emerging powers, have disputed the Middle East, and have even created fictitious borders, in order to dominate that vast territory.

We see a unipolar world, led by the United States, a regional power such as Israel, with nuclear power, and Arab countries were looking for their accommodation according to the chess world.
The geopolitical dominance in the area, led to wars and invasions, but international politics is changing, from one moment to another, an event in the era of globalization, can change radically the interests of the great powers.

Surprised witnessing the first televised war to the world, the Persian Gulf, this war live, was that the business of transmitting events at the global level, it was a lucrative business, and safe from bankruptcy to the powerful CNN.
So, the 09/11, changed the landscape, the world saw the terrorist attack against the Twin Towers in New York, on live. The financial world collapsed, a terrorist attack in the heart of the United States, gave the green light to apply, pre-emptive strikes, and an invasion of Iraq, which even today to satisfy five years of this adventure, Americans , still does not know how leave with dignity.

One of the most intense conflict is the Arab / Israeli, Palestinian approached the problem. An organization leap to the fore of the world, the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine (PLO), using terrorist methods, and then become a political party, in order to seek a solution to the Palestinian problem. The response of Israel and the Western world, it was hoped, targeted assassinations, invasions of Lebanon, pursuing Hezbollah, siege of the Palestinian board, destruction of infrastructure, economic strangulation. At the end of the day, everyone has used as a pawn in chess, the Palestinian problem, unresolved promptly. While thousands of human beings, living a daily fear, war, oppression by the regional power.
On the other hand, a Israel fear of kamikazes, and border attacks, it is an every day thing.

The religious fundamentalism, which are more wars and destruction they have caused. Since the years thousand, after Christ, Jerusalem has been impacted by wars, because of the dominance of that territory. It's worth many casuallities, for a city that does not mean anything at the same time, it worth everything. Only the time will tell if Arabs and Israelis can live in peace, or if they seem like many people think, that they are irreconcilable towns .

Francis Fukuyama, told us in his essay, The End of History, and all that was written, but today we are slightly optimistic, that everything has already been written, and see how new players at the international level, such as China and the emerging new international statement changing day by day. With an unipolar world, led by the richest and most powerful army, in the history of mankind, Fukuyama says:

But the fundamental problem remains the unequal distribution of power in the international system. What we can see in the Middle East, with Israel. Any country that was in the same position that the United States, even a democracy, would be tempted to exercise its hegemonic power with increasingly less restrinction , with pre-emptive strikes, which for decades has been used by the State of Israel.

"The founding fathers of the United States were motivated by a belief that a similar power with no limits, even if it is democratically legitimized, it could be dangerous, and thus created a constitutional system of separated powers inside to limit the executive.

Now a days, there is no globally system , which could explain how the United States is itself in so much trouble. With an international hegemony distribution of power , even in a global system that is not fully democratic, there would be less temptation to abandon the prudent exercise of power. "

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